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Taking you from Chaos To Control... systematically!!

What We Do

We support fully functioning and busy businesses to grow successfully by establishing efficient systems and processes as a solid foundation.

Our clients often don’t have the resources to implement these foundations themselves, so we help by providing the best Tools and Hands On Support or Coaching for Implementing & Running Successful Business Management Systems. 

The Jonesci Charter is the model we use to systematically improve areas of our clients busy businesses.

Ask for a 360 Degree Review – It’s life changing

If you are not able to control the wind, try adjusting your sails!

Who We Are

Headed up by Clive Jones, your “Systemologist” on call, we make significant improvements by systematically improving productivity and reducing or eliminating inefficiency. Our Strategic Alliances allow us to team up with other experts in their fields and support clients comprehensively with leading specialist software platforms to bring about the efficiencies and structure needed.

An Accredited Trainer and Coach with over 38 years of Business Management and Training experience, from small to multi-national businesses, Clive and his alliances have worked hands on with many teams to improve effectiveness and efficiency. 


Done With You, For You or by Guided Support

How We Do It

We start by discussing your needs and aims – in detail. This is usually a staged process to ensure data and ideas are fully gathered, and then we lay out a project plan.


We set up the project collaboration tools for efficiency – and get to work on your terms – at an affordable rate by working with your team as much as possible, and doing what we can for you to speed the process through.


We work with the key players in your team to drive the implementation efficiently and effectively, working through typical change management challenges to ensure full adoption across the business.


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Just a few of the many compliments I have received over the years.

JustinXpedite Plumbing
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5/5 STARS Clive has helped me navigate through building my business to where it is needed to be. I am a plumber that was working on the tools flat out as well as doing late nights chasing my tail with book work, I am now off the tools more and running the business the way it should be. Clive has streamlined my business and I couldn't be happier with his service.
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Thank you for your assistance.... successful implementation of our ERP system and other digitisation as well as getting ISO9001 certified...... Your process driven approach has been the catalyst for many other successes..... We have found you have strong integrity that we can rely on, and the confidence and discipline to work independently.... (full pdf letter available on request).
Rod KirkBuilder
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I’d like to thank you for the years that we worked together. In this time you put me on the path of certainty instead to the path of chaos. Im quite sure if we hadn’t worked together I wouldn’t be here, due to stress or monetary issues due to lack of knowledge. At the time we started I was running projects not knowing profit and loss or in depth reading of balance sheets or even margins or markups. This also lead us down the path of creating a system based on the government’s lack of education for even the basic business to create systems that keep them in control. I feel this knowledge you have passed onto me has given me the insight in a time of my life which I can make decisions and also take control or even change directions without worrying I am doing the wrong thing as I have the ability to access the actions on a different level, one in which I had no clue those years ago…
DonFab Furniture
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"Clive gets down to the small things that others gloss over with hype" ...and... "My personal thank you to you Clive for setting the foundations for change in me and Fab and for never overlooking the small things, so the big things can come forth. My gratitude to you for your friendship as well"
ScottSGM Fabrication
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The 360 degree review and Coaching will help your business immensely.
HelenPersonal Coach
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Without systems you don’t have a system to succeed….
Nigel & CynthiaK-Far Rural Services
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Clive has been our ‘business rock’. He has remained solid and kept us focused when the whirlwind of business was consuming us. He has been a huge support and able to boost moral during tough times. This strength from Clive and our determination has seen our business grow. We have implemented new marketing strategies, and both simplified and systemised our quoting process. The Coaching has given us confidence, belief and motivation… Clive is a likeable professional and an excellent ‘sounding board’ providing unbiased and objective advice for business strategies. His determination to keep us on-track and focused on our goals has enabled our business to increase profits, even during difficult times. Thanks again Clive, for all your help and assistance….. Thank You.
RachaelMechanic Workshop
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His approach is “real”.. not preaching word for word from self help books
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Team Development

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Yacht Based Leadership Training

Helping you build a solid foundation to grow

Why We Do It

I see too many businesses constrained by traditional old fashioned processes and inefficient practices, so it is my goal to help eradicate these where I can. The demands being placed on businesses for compliance and client/supplier collaboration are ever increasing so we have to find smarter ways to operate and with consistency. Many often don’t have the internal resources or expertise to take on these projects to build the right structure that will allow the growth. We simply enjoy being able to make that happen.


The range of process management tools available today is outstanding, and huge efficiencies can be achieved by adding these to your business. 


My book “Chaos To Control” lays out in very simple steps and language, a 7 element model called the “Jonesci Charter” for even the smallest of businesses to benefit from. 

….and we love the great feedback we get!

Remote and Connected Support...

Expertise & Experience

Jonesci Alliance is well connected through the region and able to bring in the right people, at the right time to assist where needed.

We use smart collaboration tools such as Smartsheet to streamline the project communications and track progress transparently. 

Innovative and comprehensive tools such as the Smartplatform from 4links for Supply Chain Management are core to our alliances and you are well supported throughout the implementation of any business improvements.