Smart Supply Chain Management

SMART Platform Tools To Improve Efficiency

SMARTPlatform is a comprehensive solution for organisations wanting to navigate the Defence, Government and Major contracts sector, bolster your supply chain resilience, and meet rigorous compliance and governance standards. It combines extensive data capabilities, real-time monitoring, process-driven applications, and a highly secure environment, ensuring your company can respond & adapt to an evolving landscape with confidence.

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Key Features

  1. Continuous Compliance – stay ahead with real-time capabilities
  2. Risk Profilers – Illuminate corporate risks for proactive management.
  3. Real-Time Data – Gain control over downstream raw materials and component procurement with live feeds.
  4. Simple Process – Identify Risks, plan for disruption, and implement mitigation strategies seamlessly.

Your SRM and more

Supplier data in one place, products, services & spend analytics all mapped for easy access with big data & budgeting tools delivering efficiencies you’ve never seen.

Strategic Sourcing

Automate your strategic sourcing process and achieve the control you’re looking for to meet budgets and manage risk.


Automate supplier compliance with a self service dashboard, free to suppliers.


Connect suppliers to contracts, KPI’s, projects & sites, share docs & tasks, save time, reduce risk & make supplier management easy.

Asset Management

We understand the complexity of capital asset procurement, WOL cost analysis, maintenance, warranties & aggregated buying, so we reinvented the process from the asset up.

Governance & Risk Management

Smart Supply Chain compliance benchmarking and verification of business data, insurances, credentialling and Modern Slavery. Build business efficiencies in management of your ISO standards easily.

Who We Are

A long-standing business relationship stemming back from early 2000s when working to reduce company expenditures using RFT and RFQ processes. I stumbled across the brain behind this highly sophisticated and advanced platform – Peter Hall – and have watched and admired his progression even further ever since. 

I believe there is no better time than now to make significant changes in the Supply Chain Management simply because of the increasing demands and complexities being placed on everyone involved throughout the lifetime of any purchased product. 

The range of products offered in the 4links SMARTplatform streamlines all of it into one efficient system. 

Downstream Suppliers Benefits

This platform is designed not only for the buyers and contract managers, but also for their suppliers to benefit from too. 

They are able to opt-in at a range of levels with the apps relevant to their business requirements, from the free basic Marketplace SRM through to a comprehensive suite of their own – and all synchronise through a secure platform to minimise against any duplication of effort when working with a range of corporations.

Suppliers can detail their capabilities, identify and be prompted into the compliances they are required to maintain at the relevant times, and improve their business operations in the process. 

A Comprehensive System

  • Visibility: Extensive big data capabilities offer a panoramic view of your supply chain network.
  • Real-time Responsiveness: Rapidly adapt to market volatility with real-time data feeds showing you where adverse events are arising allowing you to take counter measures.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Process-driven apps equipped with KPI measures and
    feedback loops.
  • Supplier Tracking: Track and trace suppliers from Tier 1 to Tier 4.
  • Compliance Control: Achieve continuous compliance through KPIs, performance measurement and audits.
  • Unlimited Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with unlimited user access for both internal staff and external suppliers.
  • Full suite of procurement apps: Supplier Compliance, Contract Management, Strategic Sourcing & Asset Management.

Ask About Our Regional and Industry Hubs

  • Industry, Defense and Local Government contracts offer huge growth opportunities for
    manufacturers and other suppliers in regional hubs.
  • It’s becoming more and more a challenging space with so many governance & compliance hurdles.
  • Regional and local businesses have strong capabilities, which can play a valuable role in supplying products & services to large corporate & government entities regionally, but they need the tools to engage and manage the ongoing compliance obligations efficiently.
  • How do you navigate through this complexity, to ensure your business grows & prospers
  • Regional and Industry specific SMARTPlatform Hubs offer all parties in the Supply Chain a complete solution to manage both the compliance requirements of the major buyers, and the growing risks from global supply chain volatility – while making life easy for their suppliers.
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